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V2Cigs Review

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I was a heavy smoker for most of my life. I often needed to wake up in the middle of the night to dash outside and light up just so I could go back to sleep without waking up to an onslaught of painful withdrawal symptoms. It was inconvenient at best and dangerously unhealthy at worst. I’d heard about electronic cigarettes from a friend of mine who brought his into the office one day. I disregarded the device as some silly fad – I thought there was no way on earth you could get the same kind of throat hit from something you can plug into a laptop.

Oh man, was I wrong. My family started hounding me relentlessly about kicking the habit about a year ago, so I tried to cut back to no avail. Strike that—I was miserably unsuccessful. After all my pitiful crash-and-burn attempts to kick the habit, I started thinking about my office buddy puffing away on his goofy-looking ecig.

I thought, “You know, it wouldn’t hurt a thing if I just tried it.”

The V2 Starter Kit

I decided to break down and buy the V2 Starter Kit. I checked out the company’s website first, and I purchased the kit after I discovered that V2 offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, the reviews were great, so that helped ease my mind before I whipped out my credit card.

I opted for the V2 Standard Starter Kit, and it came with two batteries – both a manual and automatic version. I also got a wall charger and a smart charger, ten flavor cartridges, and a detailed instruction manual. So, with the Standard Starter Kit, I received pretty much everything I needed to get going, and it included just enough e-liquid flavor cartridges for me to decide whether ecigs were for me.

I thought the smart charger was cool because the internal chip prevents it from overcharging your ecig batteries, and you get a full charge two times quicker than when using a regular charger. When you order the Standard Starter Kit, you’ll also get to choose from any two of their flavor cartridge selections. I personally went with Congress (a tobacco flavor) and Vanilla. I think I liked Congress the most since the similar taste helped me to “buy” the concept of smoking an electronic cigarette so I could let go of my regular cigarette habit more effectively.

The long white part of a traditional cigarette is the casing that houses the tobacco and the filter is the part you smoke through, right? Well, ecigs work a bit differently – the long white part of an ecig is in fact the battery, and V2’s proprietary blend of “e-liquid” is inside of a flavor cartridge and located where you’d expect the filter to be. The V2 ecig features a built-in atomizer, which means no messy cleanup or maintenance; I can just charge and puff whenever I want, with zero upkeep.

The way it works: You puff the ecig to draw air into the cartridge, and the battery automatically activates the electric heating element, which results in the vapor you inhale. The heating element was another perk that allowed me to feel as if I was smoking a real cigarette, and the similarities helped me immensely on my journey to becoming smoke-free.

Manual or Automatic Batteries

At first, I was confused about the battery situation. I didn’t understand why my kit included both a manual and automatic battery. However, I soon learned that all V2 Standard Starter Kits contained both battery types because each offers a different way to smoke. Just choose which kind of battery works best for you.

The automatic battery activates when you puff. This saves battery life and allows you to use the ecig causally, puffing off and on throughout the day. On the other hand, the manual battery works using a small rubber button on the side of the e-cigarette’s body. The button allows smokers to exercise greater control over the thickness of the vapor.

Regardless of the battery you choose, using the ecig is simple. Just screw the flavor cartridge onto the end of the battery and you’re in business. My personal favorite battery is the manual style because I like to adjust the strength myself based on the intensity of my cravings.

V2 Express Starter Kit and Disposables

If you’re on a budget but you still want to try V2 Cigs, you should check out their official website for some inexpensive ways to get started. An Express Starter Kit, for example, is far cheaper than the traditional starter kits. It contains only one flavor cartridge, a standard battery, and an Express Charger, which the company says is like a “mini” version of the Smart Charger they sell with their traditional kits.

If you’re even more hesitant to commit, try the V2 disposables. Yes, you read that right: Disposable electronic cigarettes. What’ll they think of next? These throwaway wonders come in one solid piece – simply smoke the ecig until the vapor has dried up; then throw it out.

Flavors and Strengths

V2 offers a wide variety of flavors and strengths. The choices can be overwhelming, and if you’ve never used an ecig before, you may not know where to start. Don’t let that make you shy away from the whole experience like I almost did. Just keep a few simple facts in mind:

First, even if you smoke full-strength paper cigarettes, full-strength electronic cigarettes may still be too strong for you. If you want to experiment with different strengths and flavors, you should consider starting with a V2 Sampler Kit to find the right fit.

The nicotine in the full-strength cartridge is 1.8% nicotine, or 18mg/1000mg, and the light version contains 0.6% nicotine, which amounts to 6mg /1000mg. Each cartridge equals about a pack of smokes, so I was able to estimate that one cartridge would last me roughly one day.

The flavors V2 Cigs offers include Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Peppermint, Vanilla, Cherry, Cola, and Chocolate. I was a little unsure about the e-liquid until I discovered that V2 publishes the results of every batch it makes right on the company website to increase accountability for its products.

My Final Verdict

I went with the brand my co-worker used, V2 Cigs, because I had never heard of an ecig prior to my conversation with him. However, once I did my research, ordered my set, and dug into my starter kit, I was hooked.

I got the same jolt of nicotine to which I’d been accustomed for decades, but I left behind all of the ash, tar, and harmful chemicals. Best of all, now I can breathe better and my family is relieved that I finally quit smoking.

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