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The Truth About E Cigarette Battery Fires

Have you heard stories of e cigarette batteries catching fire? They are becoming more and more prevalent. This trend made us wonder if this is yet another tactic by the anti-vapor agenda, or if there is actual cause for concern. In order to find out we did a little research on e cigarettes battery fires verse any other type of fire that resulted due to a lithium ion battery.

fire burned wall socketTruthfully speaking, there has been more than a couple of fires that have started as a result of e cigarette batteries overheating. You can find stories from across the U.S., and the world for that matter, that detail the various bad experiences that a small percentage of vapers have had with their devices. The common thread among them all is that the devices were either used incorrectly, or they were charged for too long. To clarify what we are saying is that many of the fires that have occurred due to electronic cigarettes could have been avoided. The first line of defense is to buy a quality device. You get what you pay for, and if you purchase a bargain priced e cig you are likely getting less than a bargain when it comes to the actual technology. The second line of defense is to use the chargers correctly. This seems simple enough, however even the most recent news reports state that many of these fires have been started due to vapers using the wrong charger. We know how it is, you likely have several devices. You must remember that they are all different, and so are the chargers that they come with. ALWAYS use the correct charger with the correct device. Chargers deliver set amounts of voltage, if you are using a charger that provides more voltage than your device can handle, you are walking on thin ice, whether it is an e cig or a ny other device that uses a lithium ion battery. Beyond that you must remember that the current provided by your wall socket, and that provided by the cigarette lighter in your car’s dashboard are different. If you choose to use a wall charger in your car by plugging it in to a third party device you must be cautious. Limit the amount of time that you charge and do not leave your device plugged in while you are not in the car. Yes, Wal-mart or any other store has a ton of devices that allow you to charge devices that plug into walls in your car. This means that it is possible, not ideal.

Vapor devices are getting all of the attention for fires right now, but what about the other types of gadgets, devices and machines that use batteries? We don’t hear a lot about them catching fire. Well, the truth is that they do. From lithium ion batteries in Tesla’s electric cars to battery packs for laptops, fires do occur with batteries in other devices. In the case of electric cars the fires were often caused by batteries that were damaged by an impact. With computers and other lithium ion powered devices the reasons range from poor battery design to misuse. Note that these are the exact same causes that we mentioned for electronic cigarette batteries. Either a product that was not built to hold up as well as it should have been, or user error. Truthfully speaking there is always at least some level of risk involved in using a lithium ion battery, regardless of what the device that it is powering is intended to do.

Is this the anti-vapor agenda using their media contacts to further their story? Possibly, but not definitely. It could very well be the media itself realizing that e cigarettes are a hot topic right now. Unfortunately it seems that some “reporters” would rather focus on the extremely small percentage of electronic cigarette issues as opposed to reporting on actual news. Think about it, every time that you see an article about e cigarette fires the numbers that are reported range from a single malfunctioning device to a one hundred or so reports that were collected over the course of at least a year. How many vapor devices would you say are sold in a year at this point? Tens if not hundreds of thousands, yet if one hundred of those malfunction it somehow becomes newsworthy. The moral of the story here is to be safe, use your chargers correctly and to not get caught up in media hype. Media hype that is suggesting that if less than one percent of a particular type of device can malfunction, then the whole product family must be unsafe. It’s just another example of using statistics to make a point without regard to logic or reality.

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