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South Beach Smoke


This was my second attempt at trying an electronic cigarette. The first time was very discouraging. I went to my local tobacco shop and picked up the cheapest brand I could find. Little did I know that for just a little more I could have purchased something much higher quality.

But I stuck with it. I kept using this product for over 2 months and in that time I was more hot headed than actually being relaxed, vaping.

Even on the first few puffs of the very first cartridge I knew, this wouldn’t be the same. The taste of stale water resonated in my mouth, and not a bit of menthol flavor what so ever! Charging the battery was always a hassle. It seemed as if the second I would take it off the charger the battery was almost dead.

And the worst part was paying double! Buying a cheap brand seemed to have less nicotine and as soon as I would finish off a cartridge, which wasn’t long at all, I had a cigarette in my hand.

Once I got too frustrated, I threw it away. I forgot about the idea and continued with my cigarettes because I believed that was the only thing that would satisfy my nicotine fit.

A few months later my wife read a South Beach Smoke review and purchased me The South Beach Smoke and while I was weary, I was willing to try it out once again. With my wife staring at me, I closed my eyes and took a puff. My eyes burst open quick from the full flavor of menthol dancing on my taste buds. And it didn’t stop. Not only did my cartridges seem to last forever, but the battery did too! The battery consistently stays charged all day long.

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I still cannot believe I did not have to set up my charger at work and hide it so my Co-Workers wouldn’t see.

Another great thing about the South Beach Smoke was that it isn’t anything like its competitors. Most electronic cigarettes you have to suck incredibly hard just to get a full puff, but not a single problem with this brand! Full breathes of vapor, every time.

One thing I noticed right out of the box was the design. Most electronic cigarettes look, not only generic, but incredibly fake. While I was vaping with my first electronic cigarette I would became very self conscience about vaping in front of other smokers. I was always worried they would say something. Not only did they do that, they laughed and joked about it. The South Beach Smoke looks exactly like a cigarette. It does not weigh three pounds but is sturdy to withstand being dropped a few times.

Truly, the only downside of the product is the occasional dysfunction. Possibly 1 out of every 20 cartridges I would use would have very little vapor in them. Contacting South Beach Smoke’s customer support fixed the problem within minutes.

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Overall, The South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette is a fantastic product. I never honestly felt like I would ever find an electronic cigarette I would enjoy and surprisingly, SBS has exceeded all of my expectations. I recommend this product for anyone hoping to vape for the first time.

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Dewayne — July 18, 2013

NO DOUBT South Beach Smoke makes the top e-cigarettes. I have tried many, and have been disappointed with most. What I’m really happy about is the level of options, and the amount of product variety they have. The two battery switches are great- I use the manuals and my wife likes the autos. As for flavor, again, lots. Their menthol is pretty close to cigarette menthol’s, which is what most e-smokers are going for- which is why i cannot understand how other companies think they can get away with making it super minty. Also great is the difference in nicotine level, from 0 to 24mg, and this makes things really interesting. They don’t skimp. they offer legit service, all the time, and if you ant wait, they will talk to you over Facebook. South Beach Smoke is the only e-cgarette company I will deal with, both because of the great products and the great service

Terry Meyer — July 23, 2013

Super ecig, super flavors, super product. Hey, I read all the stuff about ecigs but thought it was all hype. My co-worker though jumped in and ordered the starter pack from South Beach and of course I had to give it a whirl. Man…wow. Life changing. She had to hide her pack from me in her desk until I ordered my own the next day! Good thing the shipping came fast!!! Anyway…happy South Beach customer here and highly recommended!!

Leyton W. — August 2, 2013

Really dig south beach smokes. Batteries last longer than most of the other brands I’ve tried. Flavor is ok but really solid throat hit and crazy vapor! Love it. South Beach is a good brand and my ecig all the way.

Isaac Gold — August 20, 2013

Love South Beach Smoke Ecigs. So easy to get set-up and go, just grab and ecig and puff. I love it. Able to kick cigarettes right away and the convenience of being able to vape almost anywhere and not having smelly shirts and tobacco breath is awesome. South Beach Smoke ecigs are good quality too…feels good in the hand and plenty of vapor.

Monique Johnson — August 21, 2013

SBS is such a great name in the ecig business. Very smart products that are easy to use- I am glad I use them. I was referred by my sister, she has used them over a year now. No matter how many times I tried to quit smoking in the past, using every method available, nothing worked. Nicorette is a freaking joke. Gum? Seriously did not do the trick for me. I even tried the RX drugs, and that was just weird. These feel natural. They feel a lot like cigarettes and its all the same monotonous habit, pull it out, vape, put it away and it works.

Jack Feinstein — August 23, 2013

Hey I have to agree with the above review, the design and look of the South Beach ecig is top notch! Love that little tip that lights up. And plenty of vapor, looks great. The flavors are solid and so is the battery. Throat hit superb. Really happy with this ecig. Sometimes shipping takes a little while, probably cause they are so good and popular, but just get yourself on the monthly plan and all is well.

Mara Z. — August 25, 2013

Wow I love vaping now that I found South Beach. Tried a few others and they were so cheap and junky. Now I’ve kicked cigs and feel so much healthier.

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