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SmokeTip E Cigarette Review

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I’ve been a light smoker for a few years now. I enjoy having a cigarette (or three) when I go out for drinks with my friends. I also smoke whenever I’m stressed out or have something difficult going on in my life that simply compels me to light up. I’m not a regular smoker by any means, but it would still be extremely difficult for me to give up my crutch without some kind of a stepping stone to help me kick the habit completely.

I was walking through the mall the other day and I saw what appeared to be a man smoking at one of those gimmicky booths in the middle of the walkway. I thought to myself, “Uh… This guy’s going to be arrested any minute! He’s smoking inside! This is wild!”

However, once I got a bit closer, I saw that the man was definitely not smoking a regular cigarette. For one thing, it didn’t have an odor. It looked very similar to a traditional cigarette, but something was definitely off. I asked him what it was and he told me it was an “electronic cigarette” and there was real nicotine in it. I was impressed, but the ecig kits at his stand were so expensive that I decided to search online for a better price when I got home.


Why I Chose SmokeTip Ecigs

My search yielded a slew of results–all advertising different companies that promised the moon and more. For me, length of use was a huge deciding factor since I was not a heavy smoker. Most of the other brands sold cartridges that only equaled about a pack of cigarettes or less. However, SmokeTip is different – each replacement cartridge the company sells is equal to almost one and a half packs! That would last me forever, and I would save a ton of money on cigarettes!

The other factor that sold me was the built-in atomizer each SmokeTip ecig cartridge features. You see, electronic cigarettes need a fresh atomizer with each new cartridge so users can acquire a full delivery of nicotine and vapor every time. From the reviews I read, I deduced that it would be difficult to change an atomizer every time I changed a cartridge, so SmokeTip added extra convenience with its built-in version.

The built-in atomizer is crucially important because the “smoke” comes from the vapor produced by the nicotine-infused liquid in the cartridges. Other brands leave the liquid exposed – and changing the atomizer can quickly become a nasty, leaky mess. With SmokeTip, I don’t have to worry about leaks at all. When my ecig is ready for a new cartridge and atomizer, I simply unscrew the battery from the used cartridge, open a new one, screw it in, and smoke. It’s that easy.

Flavors and Strengths

Flavor variety was the other big factor that caused me to go with SmokeTip for my very first ecig experience. I checked out the offerings on other sites, and the selection of flavors was extremely limited. Most only had a tobacco and menthol flavor, and about three or four other novelty flavors.

SmokeTip boasts more than 19 different flavor varieties – a massive selection that blows the competition out of the water! Since I’d never tried ecigs before, I was happy that I had such a large selection of flavors from which to choose.

SmokeTip offers a regular flavor, a “Cowboy” flavor that resembles a full-flavored American tobacco cigarette, Menthol, and Mild Menthol. Then, in no particular order, you get your choice of Clove, Cinnamon, Coffee, Peach, Orange, Grape, Almond, Pineapple, Apple, Banana, Cherry, Chocolate, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Vanilla.

The other cool thing about SmokeTip cigs is that you can pick your strength which is a huge benefit since most of the other brands only offer a couple of strengths. SmokeTip offers Full Strength, which contains 16mg of nicotine, Light, which has 12mg, Ultra Light, with a trim 6mg, or a Non-Nicotine version. I’m an Ultra Light kind of person, so it was nice to have that option.


You can buy many different accessories for your SmokeTip electronic cigarettes. For example, they have an extra wall charger and USB charger combo, carrying cases, cleaning, kits… you can even purchase a computer cord that allows you to smoke without using a battery! I personally went for the SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Kit. I got everything I needed to get started: five flavor cartridges (which, as I said, would last me forever), two rechargeable lithium batteries, a wall adapter, USB charger, and gift box packaging.

The other cool accessory SmokeTip offers is a variety pack of their most popular flavor cartridges so you can experiment with different tastes. The company offers six different packs, such as Fruit and Café assortments, Tropical Fruit, and other varieties.

Awesome Warranty and Other Perks

This is what eventually sold me on SmokeTip ecigs. When you buy from them, you automatically receive their 100% satisfaction guarantee. That was so reassuring for me – I hate buying things online and being stuck with them when they fail to work. SmokeTip guarantees that you can return your kit within 30 days of your original purchase and you will get all your money back, no questions asked. Make sure to check out the guidelines for returns before you request one, however.

You also get 24/7 telephone support when you place an order, and if your order is over $59, you get free priority shipping if you live in the United States. My kit came ridiculously fast, and I didn’t have to pay a dime for the expedited service, which was really nice. Shipping charges can add up quite fast sometimes.

My Conclusion

I received the product fast. SmokeTip guaranteed my satisfaction or money back, and I loved it immediately. What more can I say? It lasts longer than other brands; it’s easy to change the cartridge without a mess, and there are tons of flavors from which to choose. I’m a satisfied customer and I haven’t been tempted to smoke since I bought my very first SmokeTip kit. If you try it, you’ll love it. If you don’t, just return it and get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

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