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Are you a fan of vaping? Wishing you could add a little more edge, a little more style to your electronic cigarette?

We all have seen the different brands of electronic cigarettes out on the market today. Most styles of these different electronic cigarettes are exactly the same.

Plain. Boring. Cheap.

Between each company, the style stays the same with the exception of the logo. Wouldn’t it be nice to step your electronic cigarette’s look?

For the first time in the wave of the electronic cigarettes, The SmokeStik has broken the barriers of what you think an electronic cigarette should be.

Finally a brand with a clean, smooth, and envious look.

The SmokeStick comes in a variety of different styles which include pink, black, platinum, white, and gold. Along with this you also have a second option of what cartridge color you would prefer. But I bet you couldn’t guess the coolest part.

On top of it all, if you purchased a kit like the PitBull Extended Battery, the tip of your electronic cigarette is a special jewel style. The patented jewel tip gives the look of a deep fire burning inside of your battery, very comparable to a real cigarette.

Vapor of The Stars

Recently, a number of actors have picked up on the electronic cigarette bandwagon.

Celebrities to join the revolution are some of the greatest such as

  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Katherine Heigl
  • Ashley Greene
  • Nikki Reed

And the popularity seems to be growing. The SmokeStik is truly becoming a favorite with stars all over the United States and fans are catching on quick.

The SmokeStik has also caught the attention of many news shows and magazines. Just to name a few that have featured the SmokeStik are:

The Today Show, Fox News, and Star Magazine

Breaking Down the Mechanics

The SmokeStik, which has just recently updated to a two piece design, is one of the most customizable electronic cigarettes today. Beyond colors you have a multitude of options of what you would like your ecig to do.

For instance, if you decide to pick up the PitBull extension for your SmokeStik you will gain hours on top of your normal vaping time, and will never have to worry about your electronic cigarette dying out on you mid-day.

The quality of The SmokeStik’s vapor has been rated one of the highest. Providing not only a high volume of vapor, the SmokeStik also has extravagant flavor which will make you never want to replace your electronic cigarette ever again. SmokeStik features 5 powerful blends that will fit the taste of any user:

  • High Nicotine
  • Medium Nicotine
  • Low Nicotine
  • Nicotine-Free
  • Menthol

Recently there has been customer complaints regarding not being able to take their SmokeStik apart, but all SmokeStik products feature a limited lifetime warranty if something like this should ever occur. Nothing more than a phone call or an email will get you started with your exchange.

The most unique feature of the SmokeStik is its cartomizer. Generally electronic cigarettes are equipped with an atomizer which is reusable while the cartomizer is completely disposable! The downside of this is if you would want to try out a different brand of flavor you would have to modify the ecig yourself or get a replacement.

The fact is, is that the SmokeStik is for the vaping beginner. You do not need to hassle with changing out fluid or have to worry about large investments in new parts if you happen to screw up.

If you are looking to jump into the electronic cigarette world for the first time or just want to look a little more stylish when you vape, SmokeStik is your brand. A basic starter kit will run you only $99.95 so make sure you pick up your SmokeStik today!

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PameLa — September 13, 2012

Technically, it is not a quit smoking aid, BUT pepole have successfully used it to quit. My wife and best friend did it like this: First they switch to the ecig, after a few weeks, they cut back the nicotine level, after a few weeks more they cut back again. Basically they use it in steps, like you do with the patch or gum. They both said it helped more though, because it also takes care of your physical addiction of wanting to put something in your mouth. (Which made my wife very happy, because she was very worried about gaining weight when she quit).The key is to make sure you start out with the correct nicotine level to satisfy your craving, so you can stop the regular cigarettes, then you start cutting back. If you start with to low of a nicotine, you will not be satisfied and not give up the regular cigarettes.It costs the same as the patch or gum to start-around $40. My wife spent about $25 a month on refill liquid for it and it got cheaper as she used it less and less.Since there is no tar in electric cigarettes, she experienced slight coughing up of stuff . Our family doctor examined her and told her it was because her lungs were starting the healing process of purging the tar from them. It is common for pepole who quit smoking.Anything has to be better for you then regular cigarettes.

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