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Smoke Free


Do you have to wait hours in public just to smoke a cigarette?

Do you find yourself in the midst of a nicotine fit in the most inconvenient times?

If so, The Smoke Free E-cigarette may just be the miracle you have been searching for.

If you are like many others you have seen the kiosks all around your local malls raving about the new revolution in smoking.

We all see the gimmicks these kiosk workers try to play, but for once they have got something worth your time.

The popularity of The Smoke Free electronic cigarette has grown nation wide from gas stations to tobacco outlets.

But the real popularity shows online. The electronic cigarette has blown up all over and people are raving.

This new, better tasting, easy on the pocketbook e-cigarette is perfect for vaping anytime you need nicotine no matter how busy you are!

How It Works

The Smoke Free E-cig is broken down into 4 essential parts:

  • Nicotine Cartridge
  • Atomization Chamber
  • Smart Chip
  • Lithium battery

All four of these parts only takes a few seconds to assemble and can be cleaned with ease.

The idea of this electronic cigarette is very similar to other vaporizers on the market. All the essential parts are available and there is no need to get confused by brand only parts which cost an arm and a leg to replace.

The Look

Smoke Free has recently come out with their new Tattoo Electronic Cigarette Kits which now features over 5 additional colors

  • Pink for the ladies
  • Black and mysterious
  • Luscious Ruby red
  • Sleek platinum
  • And gold for the money makers

You may also choose, from other kits, a more natural looking cigarette. All of these products have similar specs to each other, the only real difference being the look.

Pick Up A Kit!

If you have been using electronic cigarettes for awhile you know that picking up a kit is the best bang for your buck!

And if you picked up any kit from Smoke Free you will be surprised…

Smoke Free has some of the most amazing deals on kits on the electronic cigarette market today!

While most kits only give you one unit to play with, Smoke Free will give you 2!

Have a friend wanting to try? Maybe your wife is thinking about trying it out!

Heck, even sell it to put green back in your pocket!

No matter what you decide to do with the extra,
You will also receive 20 cartridges varying from 4 different nicotine levels.

Are You Still Not Sure?

Are you still wary whether or not you should pick up your electronic cigarette?

Well put your mind to rest!

Smoke Free guarantees every purchase with a lifetime warranty!

Smoke Free has #1 customer support and has even granted all former customers with a lifetime warranty, just to make sure they stay happy!

Or, if you just want to give it a few drags simply purchase an e-cig tester!

These testers will only run you $35 dollars and will last 500 puffs!

Worth Your Penny

While The Smoke Free electronic cigarette can run you an upwards of $200 dollars, it is worth the investment.

Smoke Free has jam-packed all its kits giving you all the essentials for starting your vaping journey. And if you need more Smoke Free has your next order ready for you!

Pick up more cartridges, batteries, maybe a second kit at any time and get your order in just a few days!

So check out Smoke Free electronic cigarette today and place your order today!

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heather — August 20, 2012

Just spent 159 on a kit with 2 ecigs and chargers. I charged them both all night and the green light came on after about 20 mins. but i left the cigs on anyway. I took 2 puffs and the battery is blinking on both of them! What a rip off. I got got. I hope they will replace them tomorrow and i have a better experience!

E Cigarette Reviews — August 20, 2012

Hi Heather,

Thank you for your comment and sorry to hear about your issues. Please let us know how Smoke Free responds to you. It will help others know the type of customer service they offer.


Charles — September 5, 2012

call their office at 18006538594

Richard — November 23, 2012

The battery that they come with is already 90% charged most of the time and doesn’t need a lot of charge. If you do charge the battery’s don’t over charge them or they will fail just like any other battery. But for the cost and easy replacement parts this is the best thing ever.

Melissa — February 10, 2013

Smoke free is the biggest rip off! First of all, their kits are way more expensive than most other brands (other brands that are rated much higher). But worst of all, when trying to buy refill cartomizers, they really rip you off. It’s $15 for a pack of 5, and then another $12 in shipping!! So $27 for a 5 pack?? This is insane, because when I researched around other and much higher rated brands, the shipping is usually $4-6, and the 5 packs range from $7-12(averaging a total of $15 for a 5 pack). You might as well buy a regular pack of tobacco cigarettes with Smoke Free prices. They are the worst! I am not giving them another penny of my money.

Jess — May 22, 2013

Couldn’t agree more with Melissa. E Cigarette Reviews were you compensated for writing this? Their website shows and ego kit for $170, you can buy the same kit from joye tech directly for $70! The only difference is joye’s come with 5 cartomizers instead of 2 clearomizers (which are incorrectly listed on smoke free online’s web site as tankomizers). For those of you who don’t know joys tech is the company who invented the ego style personal vaporizer. E Cigarette Reviews I will be sure to NEVER believe any thing I read on this site!

Jess — May 22, 2013

The tattoo kit mentioned in this review is $150 at smoke free online I found elsewhere on the internet for $75! Smoke Free Online is a rip off!

E Cigarette Reviews — June 17, 2013

Hi Jess,

We really appreciate your feedback! If a sale occurs from someone clicking through our site to Smoke Free we would be compensated. Our reviews are created based off the experiences we’ve had with the products at the time of writing the review. We rely on readers such as yourself to provide feedback so others can benefit.


Kara — October 30, 2013

My go vapor battery Keeps breaking

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