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Revolver Electronic Cigarettes: Perfect for the Heavy Smoker


I’m a seriously heavy smoker – I’d say I smoke a little under two packs a day. It’s excessive, and yes, I am aware it’s a terrible habit. Last month, I came down with an awful head cold, and my throat was incredibly sore for days. I simply could not smoke, but I had the worst nicotine withdrawal I’d ever experienced and I needed something to stave off the agony. I dragged myself to a drug store to buy some nicotine patches and I slapped one on as soon as I got home.

Something about those patches upset my stomach badly and made me feel even sicker than before. I ripped the first one off a mere two hours after I’d affixed it to my arm. It just wasn’t working for me. In a fit of desperation, I thought of a friend that had recently quit smoking cigarettes in favor of this ecig contraption she’d bought at the mall. I made fun of her relentlessly for puffing away on something I considered a toy, but in that moment, I was jonesing for a smoke so badly I was willing to try anything. I decided to give her a call.

She came right over and let me try her electronic cigarette for myself. I took a few drags and immediately felt a little better. She said that was because there’s actually liquefied nicotine in the cartridge of the e-cigarette. That’s what creates the signature vapor that looks so much like real smoke.

She left me with some extra cartridges and a battery, and it worked for a while. However, the more I smoked it, the more I realized it was just a little too weak for me. I decided to browse online to find a brand that fit my habit a bit better than hers.

I Found Revolver Ecigs and Never Looked Back

I spent hours puffing on my hand-me-down ecig while searching around online for a better brand, and I found many different companies with less than stellar reviews and sad little websites. I wasn’t impressed, so I kept on digging. Finally, I landed on the Revolver Electronic Cigarettes homepage, and it immediately sucked me in. I started reading about Revolver’s brand and models. Although they had a lot to offer, I was immediately drawn to the Talon Tank System right from the start. Why? Because it’s bigger, fatter, and perfect for super-heavy smokers like me.

The tank holds a lot of liquid and you don’t need to mess with cartomizers, drip tips, or other messy accessories. You won’t get that terrible taste of runaway liquid in your mouth – something that happened to me quite a bit with the loaned ecig I was smoking. The description said that the Talon’s tank gives you an automatic shot of glorious nicotine liquid whenever you feel like it – and it lasts all day long. I was convinced, so I bought a set. I was able to pick my flavor, so I chose the Tobacco Red eLiquid.

The Talon Tank System

When my Talon Tank System came in the mail, I was practically able to start vaping right after I opened the box. For the uninitiated, “vaping” is ecig slang for taking drags of your electronic cigarette. I received a 5ml vial of eLiquid in the flavor I chose, five blank cartridges, a USB battery charger and cable, an A/C adapter, two tank atomizers, a manual battery and a manual USB pass-through battery. Revolver also threw in a carrying case and case cover with my kit, so I was ready to vape at home or on the go. Now, whenever I want to use my ecig, all I need to do is fill a blank tank cartridge and I’m ready to rock. My favorite part about the product is the little window on the underside of each cartridge that displays how much liquid I have left before I need to add more.

The Lowdown on Revolver’s Talon Batteries

Two different kinds of batteries come with the Talon Tank System. The kit includes a 3.7v 650 mAh manual battery which easily converts into a USB pass-through device. To charge, just unscrew the cap from the tip and plug it in.

The second battery type is the one I use all the time. It’s a 1000 mAh manual battery, and it lasts for an entire day! It works beautifully when combined with the enormous volume of the tank, and for heavy smokers like me, this was a real win. Each battery features a built-in shutoff switch too. Just press the button five consecutive times to turn the ecig off, so if you’re carrying it in your pocket, you won’t accidentally turn it on. When you’re ready to smoke again, press the button five more times.

Another cool feature of the Talon kit is the included cartridge sleeve. Slip it on to keep the mouthpiece clean and sanitary when you’re not using it. When you’re out and about, carry everything you need to vape in the carrying pouch.

When I bought my set, I chose the option to upgrade to the XL atomizer. That way, I could use the XL cartridges, which can store 2ml of the included eLiquid. This option is perfect for people who smoke two packs a day like me. You can choose from low or standard resistance, which basically amounts to the amount of heat the device puts out. I went with low resistance, because the throat hit was much harsher, so it was more like smoking the real deal.

Customer Support and Community

Revolver is different from other brands because the company offers kits with unique ecig models like my Talon, and they offer unsurpassed customer service and community support after you buy. There’s even a forum on the website, where company representatives and real users come together to help one another and offer tips and suggestions that make the whole ecig experience better.

In addition, if you’re in the United States and your order is over $35, you automatically qualify for free standard shipping. You even get a one-year limited warranty, so you’ll rest easy knowing you don’t have to fret about spending more money on an expensive replacement for a defective part.

Overall, I’d say I’m hooked. I don’t spend a chunk of my monthly income on cigarettes anymore, so I have more money to do things I enjoy. I’m also breathing well, and I feel better now that I’ve kicked the traditional cigarette habit. Give it a try; the investment repays tenfold. I’m living proof.

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Janice Wolfe — April 13, 2014

I’d heard that the E cigarettes were harmful. I’m a mother with a son who is a heavy smoker. Russ Limbaugh on his radio show talked about how safe they were. As far as I’m concerned, if he says they’re safe, I believe him.

My son is 56 years old and he must smoke one or two packs a day. He has tried to quit. He owns a rep company and works long hours and needs a kit that is not too complicated. He expressed a slight interest in the E cigarettes last week. He had heard the Russ Limbaugh program also.

Great birthday gift for him.

Janice Wolfe — April 13, 2014

All I want is which model I should buy. How much does it cost?

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