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Premium Ecigarette

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Would you like to spice up your electronic cigarette?

Choose your color? Flavor?

Or not even a cigarette shape at all!

Well, if you are aiming for the best electronic cigarette on the market with all these features and more it is time to check out The Premium Electronic Cigarette.

The makers of The Premium Electronic Cigarette have always shown amazing promise and dedication towards their products and this is no different. Through the years their innovative designs have revolutionized the vaping world.

Still having the same set up as a modern day electronic cigarette, it is very familiar to both electronic cigarette fanatics and those who are just dabbling into it. This e-cig has the basic 2-piece set up which can be put together in less than 5 seconds.

The parts, which rarely have to be cleaned, are all replaceable and held under Premiums 30 day money back guarantee.

More Great News

Premium has a number of kits for all levels of experience. Selling over 9 different kits, all with its own perks, can be priced as low as $29.95. All kits, excluding one, has not only refill cartridges but a variety of different chargers to choose from.

That means you can:

  • Hide and charge your battery at work
  • Plug it into the wall for a quick and long lasting charge
  • Plug it into your laptop while traveling

If you are not sure if an electronic cigarette is what you want, you can breathe…Premium has the perfect thing for you!
The disposable electronic cigarette!
This disposable electronic cigarette is the perfect sampler for just “giving it a whirl”. For a small price of $15 dollars you will have a choice of, not only design, but the flavor you would like your vapor to be and the design of the device itself!
Let me ask you a question…
Do you smoke Cubans?
Maybe you still like the taste of fine tobacco from a pipe?

If you have never been the type to smoke cigarettes there is an option, in fact your only alternative.
Premium has produced a line of electronic cigars and pipes!
Finally the horizon of which vapor powered cigarettes have expanded to the minority!
While these devices can run slightly more expensive, you can worry-free knowing that you didn’t have to sneak a 50 count box of Cubans over the border…
But Let’s Talk Fashion
If you are like me and like a little more style behind you while your vaping, there is nothing short of choices with Premium.
With over 13 battery colors to choose from, not to mention a variety of custom designs, it is obvious to see that Premium has become one of the largest leaders of vaping style.
And if that is still not enough for you, choose your nicotine level!
Premium features a number of different nicotine levels in its cartridges.
So if you would like to torque up the power or make it a smoother drag, simply raise or lower your nicotine level and enjoy! Can your cigarette do that?
But Why?
With Premiums A+ quality, there is no reason why you shouldn’t check them out today.
Premium’s electronic cigarettes are not only known for their long lasting battery life or a consistent amount of vapor…
Their customer service has embraced be people all over the world!
Premium wants to get your electronic cigarette in your hands this second.
Since they ship your item the same day you order, you will receive your kit incredibly fast. And unlike many companies they also ship on Saturday!
Without a doubt in my mind, The Premium electronic cigarette is one of the highest quality brands available in the market today.
With low prices, as low as $15 dollars, it is easy to pick up a simple disposable e-cig or kit on a whim with no regrets.

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Gary — September 6, 2012

I have tried many different brands of Electronic Cigarettes and having at least 2 years experience and would like to share the following;

(1) occasionally the refill cartridges leak into the mouth and I guess this is not safe since the highly concentrated liquid should not be in contact with the skin it is suppose to be in vapor form which is considered safe.

(2) the paint on colored batteries easily peels off starting at the company {name} engraved on the battery and also around the edges. The paint peelings spread to the fingers, onto the refill cart and then to the lips. This is yet another concern.

(3) occasionally a new refill cartridge may get blocked and does not produce enough vapor no matter if the battery is fully charged and clean. What this issue does is trip the newly charged battery to turn-OFF because excessively drawing on the battery will shut-off automatically. This is the most annoying and most frustrating situation due to the faulty refill cartridges.

(4) I have written to (emailed) Premium E cigarettes repeatedly about these issues only to be given the run-around ((they claim their products are not faulty)) really?, meanwhile no return on unopened products; no RMA number sent to me and this is all within the 30 day money back policy. This has cause me even-more upsets as I am now stuck with over $50 worth of useless (faulty) products.

I will be reporting this company to the appropriate authorities such as; the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Also, just recently Premium E cigarette have available new batteries, at this point in time of writing; those batteries cost a whopping $79 each. IMO that is extremely excessive $$$ to pay compared to other brands that also have super powerful batteries for only $29 along with a no-hassle refund policy and life-time warranty.

I notice there are no replies here?, Thanks for giving experienced users an outlet to give honest feedback with no exaggeration of intent to deliberately slander since the above is based on actual hands-on experience. I hope my comment is not removed or edited. I have tried many other brands and seriously, honestly Premium E cigarette is at the bottom of the list… I do not recommend this company.

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