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Do you recognize yourself in these lines?

  • You can’t do without a regular puff;
  • You’ve never traveled oversees because you can’t stand 8 hours on the plane without smoking;
  • Finding a place to smoke is simply a mission impossible;
  • Partner moans over you smoking and so on and so forth.

It is high time you went off the beaten track and enjoyed the relative comfort of modern science and technology. Smoking has never been easier and more enjoyable.

Just go electric. Try Luci electronic cigarettes.

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The beginning:

Keeping in mind recent laws worldwide, which ban smoking in public places and paying attention to the needs of confirmed smokers, Luci has come out with an innovative electronic gadget that permits you to enjoy the joys of traditional smoking and yet stay on the safe side of the law.

How it works:

The principles of this electronic cigarette are simple. A small filter-shaped cartridge containing propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavoring, is stored in the filter of this electronic smoking gadget. This cartridge is in turn attached to a special atomization chamber that can sense the inhalation of the smoker, thereby turning on the lithium ion battery. This process activates the vaporization of the nicotine solution in the cartridge. Simultaneously, the LED at the tip of this cigarette lights up and the smoker can inhale the vaporized nicotine solution.


There are many benefits and advantages of smoking the Luci electronic cigarette. Some include:

  • The Luci electronic cigarette has already won the approval of dentists;
  • You smoke a simulated cigarette without people around running the risks of passive smoking;
  • It contains no burning substances, second-hand smoke, or tar;
  • Its smart electronic chip senses the delivery of nicotine over any given period preventing over-consumption of nicotine;
  • No more burn marks on carpets and furniture;
  • No more ashtrays, no more worry where to hide the buts, no lighters, and hurray!
  • You can smoke wherever you like! Smoke away to your heart’s content in the office or at restaurants, bars, airports, clubs, even on planes.

Zero nicotine option:

Unlike other electronic cigarettes, LUCI CAN BE ZERO NICOTINE thanks to its zero nicotine cartridge option. In fact you can choose from zero, medium, and high levels of nicotine.

Buy LUCI starter kit and save $5

Cheaper than expected:

The low cost per smoke factor is another advantage that Luci electronic cigarettes offer over the traditional cigarettes. The cost of the replacement cartridges which are equivalent to 15 cigarettes is much less that the cost of the same numbers of traditional cigarettes. With the inherent capability of changing cartridges at will, you can well share a mint flavored cigarette at one moment and smoke a coffee flavored one at another.

It’s not quitting!

Smoking a Luci does not mean that the end smoker finds any difference in smoking experience. The same flavor and taste that one gains from smoking traditional cigarettes is also obtained by smoking the electronic versions. In fact, blindfolded people shall not be able to differentiate whether they are smoking a real cigarette or Luci electronic cigarette. Few other manufacturers of electronic cigarettes can claim such a fact!

Luci electronic cigarettes… the cigarette with a brain!

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