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EverSmoke Review


I’m a closet smoker. Before I had kids, I was out in the open about my habit. I smoked in bars with my friends, at home, in parking lots – pretty much anywhere that wasn’t illegal. I didn’t feel the need to hide it. However, once I became a mother I was suddenly afflicted with the “clean up my act” bug. I’d long-since stopped drinking, and of course I didn’t smoke while I was pregnant, but I picked the nasty habit right back up after I weaned my last child.

Now, my kids are getting older, and I don’t want them to catch me stealing away into the backyard to sneak a cig any longer. I cringe at the thought of dealing with the inevitable questions that will come as they mature, and I certainly don’t want them to model my behavior and start experimenting with cigarettes themselves.

A friend of mine also has kids, and she suffered from the same problem. Cigarettes are so easy to pick back up after quitting that it’s terrifying. She suggested I do what she did and try electronic cigarettes to help ease the transition back to nonsmoker.

What is the EverSmoke Cigarette?

I found EverSmoke after doing a little Internet homework. I watched the people’s reactions in the video on the company’s site, and they were genuinely surprised after trying EverSmoke for the first time. The video sold me because I feel like I’m a good judge of character, and all of the reactions seemed very genuine. After poking around on the site and reading more about EverSmoke’s various products, I decided to go ahead and order the starter kit.

When I opened the box and held the ecig for the first time, my initial reaction was shock – I was surprised at how lightweight the ecig was and how much it resembled an actual cigarette. This was reassuring because I could potentially trick my brain into thinking I was smoking an actual cigarette.

Another characteristic I appreciated was the orange glowing LED tip. It mimics the glow of a lit cigarette and lets you know when the battery needs to be charged. Double duty – I can dig that! The lithium-polymer battery is rechargeable, and its combination of materials makes it the strongest and longest lasting in the industry.

In addition, when I was learning about ecigs online, I discovered that some have atomizers that must be inserted separate from the flavor cartridges, so the whole process can quickly become a messy disaster. Not EverSmoke – their atomizers are built right into each ecig cartridge, so you get a new one every time without the hassle of inserting it yourself. An added bonus is that you get the maximum amount of vapor. EverSmoke also comes outfitted with an exclusive silicone tip that’s located inside the mouthpiece, and the design is intended to prevent the liquid in the cartridge from leaking out.

Flavor Cartridges and Accessories

EverSmoke sells an entire line of VaporMax® Flavor Cartridges for use with your e-cigarette. According to the site, VaporMax® is a proprietary blend of nicotine, flavoring, and a bit of magic that results in the thickest, sweetest vapor in the industry. I tried it, and I have to say – I’m with them on that one.

You can pick your desired level of nicotine too. There are four strengths from which to choose – no nicotine, ultra light 6mg, light 12 mg, and full-flavored 18mg. From there, select the flavor you want to try. Each flavor comes in packaging that closely resembles a pack of cigarettes and there are 15 cartridges to a pack. Choose from different flavors including Very Vanilla, Classic Tobacco, Coffee Creation, Peppermint Party, and Cool Menthol.

The EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit

Since I had never tried ecigs before, I opted for the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit. The site explained that the ecigs in the pack were built using EverSmoke’s dual technology which marries the battery component and atomizer with the cartridge and filter. When combined with the VaporMax® technology, EverSmoke e-cigarettes produce the maximum amount of vapor, and you get a smooth, clean, heavy draw each and every time you smoke with very little maintenance or upkeep. With everything I have going on in my life, low maintenance is definitely a plus in my book.

The items that came in my starter kit included one lithium ion standard-sized battery with a convertible switch. The battery allows for roughly 250 puffs before it needs recharging. The kit also comes with a USB charger – it was wild to me that I could charge my ecig from my computer!

I was also able to choose the flavor and strength of the five nicotine cartridges that came with my kit. I went with the light strength, and I chose Very Vanilla as my flavor. It tasted delicious! I also got an owner’s manual, so I could read up on how to use and care for my set.

Using EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes

I feel like it would help others to add a few things that I learned about using EverSmoke ecigs. Before using a cartridge, remove the rubber cap over the tip. Sounds simple, but I actually missed this the first time. Also, make sure to charge the battery completely before you first use your ecig. This way, you’ll get the best performance, the most pull, and the best flavor when you smoke it.

In addition, when you screw the cartridge into the electronic battery, make sure you don’t tighten it too much. It’s possible you’ll damage the unit if you do. As soon as the cartridge is tight, your ecig will automatically be in standby mode. Take a puff, and you’ll know it’s working because the orange LED light will glow when you pull the vapor in just like a real cigarette does when you take a drag. Finally, I’d advise you to keep the e-cigarette level when you smoke it. If you turn it vertically, you risk leakage from the flavor cartridge.

My Final Thoughts

The website was right. This is as close as you can get to a real cigarette without actually smoking one. It feels like you’re smoking when you inhale the vapor; the tip lights up when you take a drag – this invention is positively brilliant. It’s helping me kick the habit, and my kids won’t ever be the wiser. If you want to dump the butts once and for all, give EverSmoke a try. I’m sure you’ll be as happy with it as I am, and you’ll feel better once you’ve finally ditched the tar and ashes that come with regular cigs.

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Jack Bellamy — November 28, 2012

I have used eversmoke products since May 2012, very happy overall. Best e-cig for a beginner or experienced user who knows what they want, know what they’re getting. Top of the line batteries, cartridges, design, manufacturing covering everything. I love how they make it safe for people who don’t want to end up w/ something they don’t want- with the 30 day refund, and the offer warranty when you sign up for the delivery. the referral program gives $25 for every person you refer who purchases, so b/c i have gotten 3 friends on- its been $75 for me, and that is huge towards the cost of refill cartridges! I love them, and i have no prob at all recommending. The delivery is great too because you customize however often you want it, and its not something you have to pay extra for or be contracted to. everything with this brand is flexible and they work with you- tremendous customer service and value.

Linda Jackson — December 3, 2012

I have the ultimate plus starter kit it’s very worth it- in price and the stuff that comes in it. Battery life is outstanding- these are the amazing U9 models that are the best. I went with ES b/c they sell so much of the same products as the competitors at much better prices. The customer service is also very on top of things-making it really worthwhile to know there’s always support. I learned when I first purchased my kit that you can get 25% your first order by signing up then for the home delivery, that gives 20% off refill carts- so the savings start the first day- AMAZING.

James Gildea — January 2, 2013

Very good company and product!!! i have been satisfied with everything since I began using eversmoke, after using two other brands for an extended amount of time i was pretty ready for higher caliber of everything. i was doing ok with the other brands but i wanted better vapor most of all. i also had heard that eversmoke ahs the best flavors around so that was pretty important too. I was very happy that among all the brands I was looking at, ES was the most reasoanble in pricing. I don’t really want to quit vapor smoking and I am very glad to have the tobacco smoke gone from my life. I plan on being with ES for the long haul- things are great here!

Steven Kover — January 16, 2013

Finally found a great reliable brand for electronic cigarettes with ever smoke! Thank goodness, because it was so frustrating dealing with things that broke all the time and not ever getting enough vapor and all that. I am so comfortable with these batteries. The cartridges are also no prob at all, using them constantly has shown me that they are very good quality and they are really powerful. Love how long they last too! I am really crazy about the charging case, and really never ever leave home w/o it. Great products, great service, love this brand!

Bob Lagana — February 4, 2013

ever smoke is awesome in lots of ways. They make great products and they do not take any rocket science to use. I appreciate the simplicity and the good flavor. I like the accessories, and the home delivery is nice too. I am glad they have more than one battery size, and the carts are good even for heavy smokers such as I am. Never a
problem with shipping too. Thanks!

Angela — February 13, 2013

Definitely 5 star products. Only 3 months in and I felt amazing, like I hadn’t felt in years. I started sleeping better and all the coughing had practically all but went away in just a month of using them with no tobacco on the side. I have a lot of health issues and needed to give e-cigs a try, if they didn’t work, at least I could say i tried. But I am SO glad I did try, because they are simply incredible. They have made such a difference and I feel really healthy. The company is great also, and they offer many options to keep the products affordable and very low priced if you compare them to what others are selling e-cigarettes for. They are always on time with shipping, products are always working well when they get to me, and I am happy that i have the warranty through the delivery program. Thanks, Eversmoke for your great products.

Penny Walker — February 18, 2013

I wasn’t exactly looking to quit smoking, but my mom got me a starter kit from eversmoke, and then boom! Tobacco was done! They taste better, and they can be smoked everywhere, so they are just better! The feeling they give is amazing. The prices are way better than cigarettes are. I feel better, and it makes both my mom and myself happy! Perfect if you ask me!

Steven Kover — March 5, 2013

I’ve used eversmoke for two months and I am already reaping the benefits oh yea! This is sooner than I had hoped and I am over the moon about it! -The prices are fantastic to start off, cheaper than a lot of others that I have priced. eversmoke is well known for having great quality and I havent been let down at all. The flavor is great on the menthol, and as a former menthol smoker this was really important. -they don’t make me feel crazy or have cravings for regular cigs. eversmoke is always holding sales, and in just than a month I’ve saved on extra refills because of this.

Doug — March 20, 2013

EverSmoke does what so many other e-cig brands wish they could! I have tried my fair share with a lot of disappointment! EverSmoke rocks because they keep their prices really affordable while never failing with the quality. I love the referral program because I have referred several friends and getting $25 each time has been awesome. THe cartridges lasts me a really long time and satisfy my urge with just a single puff. Definitely worth it to me to use this brand over any other.

Tess Leary — April 3, 2013

The name EverSmoke pretty much sums it up: ever so amazing! The performance is great and the design makes them easy to hold even though they are slightly heavier than real cigarettes. Very comfortable, and I tend to chain-vape sometimes and they never are a bother in my hand. I wanted something different than what i was finding among lots of e-cig brands and EverSmoke does it well- completely perfect. The solid design prevents leaks from the cartridge and the cartridge connects perfectly to the battery every time- so happy with that feature. Also little things like having the blinking light when the batteries are going low is nice! Love the PCC, love the option of lots of chargers, really love the options of colors in the batteries, and the freedom is beautiful!

Angelo — April 16, 2013

I’m hooked I live in San Francisco, and people here do not like cigarettes. You can’t smoke anywhere!!! These allow me to go out, have fun, party with people, and not be bothered by weird looks and searching for a spot to smoke. Its so unhealthy anyway, glad I had a good reason to quit and a good option to turn to to make it easier. SO much less stress like this. EverSmoke e-cigs are now a huge part of my life, without taking over my life!

Karol — May 8, 2013

SO happy that I found Eversmoke when i did! This is one product I just cannot go without! I am definitely not walking around, chain smoking like a chimney anymore! I
love what these have done for me and how much convenience I have using them. The products all together are wonderful, in my use I have not had any problems and they
are very easy to use. With the cartridges, a little goes a long way! The batteries are very powerful, they can really handle a to of use before they come to their end-6 months seems to be the life span for me, with my constant use, and the company replaces them b/c i have the HDP membership. Great value all around!

Kath L — May 28, 2013

Ive been using Ever Smoke for almost a year and it is safe to say that it is the only brand of e-cigs that really works and is consistent with their products. Time always shows which are good and which are bad. I’ve been thru my share of duds… I like that Ever Smoke stuff can last a while… it shows they are built well. They work like they’ve been built well to. The value is great, they are not overly high priced like some others are, and the quality is very good. And big plus for not having to replace all the time. Love being on the delivery too, for this- saves time and money, and you should do it for the warranty too. 20% cartridges is nice too. Love their accessories, but I don’t need a ton of them… just a few chargers and a few batteries is good for me. And to top it all off- they have customer service that is great. I would really recommend this brand, solid stuff.

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