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Blu Ecig Review

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A few years ago, when I first heard about electronic cigarettes, they reminded me of something right out of a sci-fi movie. I thought they would be weird and funky to use, not to mention quite bulky and silly looking. I initially wrote them off as not holding a candle to the regular cigarettes I’d been accustomed to smoking for the better part of a decade.

Then, a few years later, the ecig movement began to take off, and it grew big enough to pique my curiosity. Many different ecig brands started popping up all over the ‘net, so naturally I did my homework and read up on all the customer reviews before I forked over money to buy a starter set. The brand that eventually won my heart was Blu electronic cigarettes, and in this review, I’m going to break down the features that led me to pick Blu.

What the Ecig is All About

The electronic cigarette trend is growing due to the worldwide war against smokers. Nowadays, it seems like smoking anywhere – inside or out – is off limits, and just about every smoker you meet is trying to quit. Ecigs are a perfect solution to that nasty, ashy, messy habit of smoking, and although they still use nicotine, they’re a heck of a lot easier on the lungs.

Blu gets its name from the signature soft blue glow of the ecig’s tip. The blue LED light gets brighter with every puff, and it’s also a signal that the electronic cigarette needs to be charged. There’s an atomizer built into each ecig cartridge, and it produces vapor that mimics real smoke from an actual cigarette. I thought if I were really going to make an effort to quit, I’d need the aesthetic simulation to “trick” my brain into thinking I was really smoking, so I loved this feature.

Electronic cigarettes also come with flavor cartridges, which is where the nicotine part comes in. Simply insert the cartridge into the ecig. That’s it!

You can pick from a variety of flavors, even tobacco, which quickly became my personal fave. You smoke the ecig through a silicone tip where the filter would be on a normal cigarette, and it comes complete with a one-hole intake so you get the exact same resistance and draw that you would when puffing the real deal. That was a key feature for me; I needed the experience to be as similar to smoking as possible since I knew the transition would be hard.

Blu Cigs are little psychological wonders for those who are addicted to cancer sticks. They’re fun to use, and are the same size and shape as normal cigs, they’re much safer.

The Blu Premium Starter Kit

If you want to find out what the ecig is all about, but you don’t want to get locked into buying a whole bunch of different parts and accessories, the starter pack is for you.

The Premium Blu E-Cigarette Starter Kit comes in either a black or white model so you can opt for a case color that fits your personal taste. I was personally a bigger fan of the black model. You’ll get the pack, two Blu batteries, a USB charger, a wall charger, and a pack of five cartridges in whatever flavor and strength you choose. That’s one of the things I love the most about ecigs – you can pick the strength just like you can with real cigarettes.

Choose from full flavored cartridges, which boast 16mg of nicotine in each one, “lights”, which weigh in at 12mg, or ultra light cartridges, with a skinny 8mg of nicotine. Blu even offers a non-nicotine version so you can enjoy the full effect of smoking without ingesting any of the harmful chemicals.

Your pack will light up right before your eyes when you open it, and it automatically turns off after 30 seconds. Check this out – there’s even a social feature. Oh yes, you heard that right. Social cigarettes.

It confounded me that you can socialize using something as random and obscure as an ecig, but I guess wonders never cease. When you’re within 50 feet of another Blu user, the logo on the front of your pack will vibrate, alerting you to their presence. Bam! Perfect way to kickstart a conversation. I was even more amazed when I found out that the vibration also clues you in to nearby Blu retailers, so your pack will actually tell you where you can stock up. It even has easy-to-read labels inside the pack that show you where all your accessories go.

Blu’s Battery

Blu has a lightweight ecig battery that leaves something to be desired. That’s one factor I didn’t love about this product – but a short-lived battery is pretty much standard for most electronic cigarettes on the market today.

Here’s what I did love. The starter kit comes with a USB charger and a plug for a wall outlet, so I can charge my ecig on the go. Therefore, battery life wasn’t really an issue for me.

However, if you think that battery life is a dealbreaker, worry no more. Based on customer feedback, Blu introduced the option to buy a “100” length battery, which gives your ecig more “up” time between each charge.

Storing the battery in the pack when it’s not in use is another great way to preserve its life, so make sure you read the manual and take proper care of your set when you’re not using it. I found that my battery lasted much longer that way.

Cartridges, Flavors, and Accessories

Blu ecigs exclusively use Johnson Creek’s brand of smoke juice for their cartridges. Why is this important? Here’s the deal.

The ecig industry has recognized Johnson Creek as the leading manufacturer of electronic smoke juice in the United States. Their Wisconsin-based team of master mixers formulate each batch of premium smoke juice by hand, so you know you are getting quality every time. They make them specifically for Blu products, too, so I didn’t have to worry about the cartridges being compatible with my ecigs. Oh, and there’s this little nugget, too: One cartridge equals a whole pack of cigarettes, so think about how long that bad boy will last you. I did – and it’s already saved me a truckload of cash on cigarettes each month.

The cartridges include flavors such as Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Classic Tobacco, Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps, and Magnificent Menthol. My starter pack came with a grab bag of cartridges to start me off: I received two Classic Tobacco cartridges, one Cherry Crush, one Magnificent Menthol, and a Java Jolt. My personal favorite was the Classic Tobacco though – it reminded me the most of a “real” cigarette.

Overall Impression

An electronic cigarette is not the same as smoking, and it never will be.

But it’s as close as you can get without actually doing it. I can tell you this: I enjoy smoking ecigs almost as much as real cigarettes, and I can finally say that I don’t miss them now. I could never say something like that about the patches or pills, or even the nicotine gum.

I think it’s because I’m still getting the nicotine my body craves and I’m able to inhale it and watch the “smoke” the vapor creates, which gives my brain almost the exact same gratification I get each time I light up.

Did I mention there’s a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping? That’s actually why I sucked it up and ordered the starter kit. I knew I had nothing to lose except that smelly pile of butts in the ashtray outside my back door.

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